Subscriptions and Cancellations

Terms of Use

Email Subscriptions 

Here you will find the terms of use regarding our subscription services, including cancelling your subscription.  

By signing up up for a subscription to our coffee club, you are able to choose to sign up for a monthly email from Preppy Coffee.  You can cancel this subscription at any time you choose.

Coffee Subscriptions 


Your Preppy Coffee Subscription will go on as long as you continue to make payments, or in the case of a gift subscription, as long as has been paid by the giver. Standard delivery is included in the subscription price. Each subscription can be terminated at any time of your choosing and this, without any penalty to you. Special conditions apply to Promotional Subscriptions. See "Cancelations" for full conditions.

Subscription services are only available for clients in the continental United States.


  • Subscription details such as roast, bean type, and design may be modified during the term.
  • Modifications will be applied to the next available shipment.
  • Modifications may be made by accessing your account our contacting us via email at


  • To Cancel your subscription you may log into your account and do so through your dashboard or by contacting us via email at
  • Subscriptions initiated with a promotion are cancelable only after the fulfillment of two deliveries.
  • Each user can cancel their Standard Subscription at any time they choose. Upon receiving notice of cancelation Preppy Coffee will remove all future shipments and billings. Shipments that are in process at the time of receiving notice of cancilation will be billed and shipped as a final shipment.
  • Subscriptions initiated with a promotion are cancelable only after the fulfillment of three deliveries.